Add value to property through land improvement

Beautiful trees add value to your property, especially if they are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Highly desirable species such as oak, elm, cherry and walnut thrive when properly managed and maintained through land improvement. The Brush Busters land improvement services, available at acreage rates or hourly rates, include:
  • Adhering to tree ordinances
  • Identifying invasive species and unhealthy trees for removal
  • Marking native, large and heritage trees for protection
  • Clearing underbrush
  • Grinding trees on site and spreading mulch to control erosion
  • Applying herbicide through optional maintenance program

    Expertise in right of way clearing services

    Brush Busters works with commercial property developers, municipalities, pipeline contractors, geophysical seismic surveyors, utility companies and others to perform right of way clearing for projects such as pipelines, water lines, railroad and power lines. Typical job sites range from 5 acres to more than 1,000 acres.
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    Maintenance and land clearing for municipalities

    Brush Busters currently has a contract with the city of San Antonio for storm water drainage maintenance,
    just one of the many services we can provide to city governments.